Seating & Accommodations Designed for Perfect Sightlines


T&B Equipment has over 20 years of experience providing temporary seating and accommodations for tennis tournaments. We never underestimate the importance of comfortable accommodations and perfect sightlines for tennis events. This is why our designers conduct thorough studies of sightlines to ensure precision in our installation process. T&B has the experience and track record to transform your venue while meeting and exceeding every expectation.

With access to various product lines, T&B will design the perfect site plan for your tennis event. Tip-up seating, portable bleachers, hospitality suites, camera towers and crowd control structures are just some of the options available. Seating can include cupholders, cushioned backrests and padding to enhance the spectator experience. We also have the ability to custom design equipment based on the unique needs of your sponsors.

No tennis tournament is too big, too small or too challenging. T&B can supplement seating in an existing venue, or design the space from the ground up. Leave it to us to create the perfect site plan for your next tennis event.