Overcoming Outdoor Challenges for High Traffic Events


T&B Equipment has the experience and capabilities to carry out any racing or motorsports event. Whether your venue needs elaborate grandstands or trackside hospitality, we can provide a custom plan for seating and accommodations. T&B understands the unique variables associated with a high energy, thrilling sport like racing. Crowds are large, so ample seating is required, and sightlines must be available from every angle.

Building limitations, city ordinances and safety requirements can complicate the ability to obtain permits and begin work on a track site. T&B is familiar with handling these concerns. Our team will work around lane and road closures, as well as meet the safety requirements for the site. Most racing and motorsports events are heavily sponsored. T&B can create brand visibility opportunities out of most seating options, and design custom equipment to accommodate advertisements and sponsorships.

T&B’s knowledge of seating, custom equipment and branding positions us to appropriately and safely handle just about any type event happening on your track. You can leave it to us to customize your seating and crowd control for any racing event.