Outdoor Events

Temporary Seating, Hospitality Flooring, Portable Bleachers & More


T&B Equipment has the capabilities and experience to handle most any outdoor event. We understand the importance of comfortable seating and accommodations, as well as a creating a safe environment for outdoor events. With access to various product lines, and the ability to custom design equipment, T&B will develop the appropriate plan on-time and within budget for your expected turnout.

From temporary seating to portable bleachers, flooring to staging and crowd control to scaffolding, T&B can transform your outdoor event venue. We are familiar with the various elements unique to outdoor events that can be extremely difficult to work around. No space is too large or too small, and our team has experience working with various terrains and elevations. There isn’t a challenge we can’t handle.

Our diverse event portfolio is proof that we can transform any outdoor space. Whether it’s large, open grounds for a festival or concert, or a small field for scholastic sports, trust T&B to bring your venue to life.