Towers and Scoreboards

Scaffold Towers, Camera Towers & Scoreboards

Let T&B Equipment custom design a scaffold tower for your event that will put you above the competition. Our scaffolding systems are suited for a wide array of uses inside or out, and on any type of surface or terrain. Tested design and installation techniques guarantee a stable and secure platform for camera operators. We also understand that towers and scoreboards are more than just for fans and event personnel; they are potential revenue generators as advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Whether your event calls for short towers, 5-section towers, announcer’s studios or scoreboards, T&B has the experience and capabilities necessary to custom build a structure that meets your unique event needs.

Multi-Purpose Scaffolding Towers and Studios

Our tower and studio equipment is not limited to, but is commonly configured for the following uses:

  • Camera towers for televising press announcements
  • Towers for broadcasting lighting
  • Sound towers for productions
  • RF towers for transmitting

T&B can also provide multiple styles of scoreboards including:

  • Video Boards
  • Calligraphy Boards
  • Monster boards
  • Leader boards