Rental Bleachers


Bleacher Rentals & Temporary Spectator Seating

T&B Equipment has provided rental bleachers and temporary seating for the special event industry since 1976. Our versatile bleacher seating systems allow us to configure custom solutions that will maximize attendance and ticket sales based on your unique requirements. With our current inventory we are capable of furnishing up to 90,000 bleacher seats for your event. Depending on your event needs, bleachers can be installed and disassembled by our team, or we can supply trailer bleachers if your event calls for transportable accommodations. Our experience includes everything from grandstands for motorsports to indoor theater and performance-style seating.

Bleacher Seating Options

To ensure excellent sightlines for all spectators, T&B offers 8” and 14” rise bleacher systems. We can build bleachers on flat ground, or elevated depending on the terrain and sightline requirements. Bleacher systems are available in both wooden and aluminum seat boards. For smaller events we offer 30’ and 45’ trailer bleachers as well as our Challenger series 4 row portable bleachers. Whatever your event type, T&B has a temporary seating solution that ensures safety, comfort and quality.