Crowd Control Barricades

Crowd Control

Crowd Control Barricades & Portable Barriers

Just about every type of indoor and outdoor event requires crowd control barricades. Sporting events, parades, marathons, festivals, concerts, expos, you name it. Controlling pedestrian traffic and circulation is in fact a major hurdle when planning a special event. T&B Equipment overcomes these challenges with the aid of our crowd control barricades. Not only does this product allow you to define pedestrian boundaries like a fence, but it blocks and diverts traffic to suit your event’s needs. These portable barricades are easy to assemble, disassemble and transport to other locations. Whether it’s a one-night event or a long-term run, T&B can provide crowd control and fencing structures to suit your needs.

The appeal of our crowd control structures is that they’re dual-purpose. In addition to controlling traffic and movement around your event, our barricades are prime advertising space. When wrapped with custom covers, they are valuable sponsorship opportunities. Like our mesh and windscreen products, barricade covers come available in a variety of colors. Covers can also be digitally printed with company logos.