What T&B Does for You

Spectator Event Design

T&B has a tried and true method for identifying and creating solutions for your event, and the first step in the process is the most important of all. We will visit your site and meet with your team to gain a specific understanding of what are your event seating/flooring needs. We ask the right questions that allow us to pinpoint precisely how we can build our seating/flooring solutions on schedule and within your budget.

As experts in our industry you can rest assured that T&B brings not only an extensive knowledge of our equipment but how that equipment can be customized to match the needs of every one of our customers. No two events are the same and what makes us stand apart from our competitors is our ability to deliver flexible custom solutions to each venue.

Event Development

Step two in the development process is where we take the information gathered during the design phase and bring it to life. Using the very latest in technical drawing software we then create plan views and render 3-D drawings of your custom seating solution. Our design team and professional engineers take into account structural integrity and building codes in every seating/flooring solution that we create.

Successful Event Delivery

Our design and operations teams finalize the development process by bring together all previous drawings and information to produce an outstanding final product. We are still working closely with the client at this point to ensure their needs are met and even up until the last minute, we are able to provide changes and modifications to our designs due to the constant communication between our field personnel and operational staff.

At T&B we pride ourselves on client satisfaction and work hard to walk the client through each and every part of the process. We know you will be satisfied with our product, and we are here to help with any questions you might have throughout the entire process.